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On the way up to the room, I noticed that there were a lot of carpets in the rooms below.Recep was not only a hostel owner but he also sold carpets.I pushed him away, surprised that he had the nerve to do that, but, at that point, I knew Turkish men were very capable of doing something like that.

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After I was done with my meal, and after I sat for a moment, I was ready to pay for my meal. There were a row of hostels near the main attractions of the city that I noticed when I took a walk around there during the day, so I was checking out that area when a man who stood in front of one hostel, which was plainly called ‘Istanbul Hostel’ was looking at me and he asked, Do you need any help? I can help you.’ He looked like he really wanted to help, so I decided to enter the hostel. The man introduced himself as Recep (a common male Turkish name, with the ‘c’ pronounced like a ‘j’ sound) and he was the owner of Istanbul Hostel.

I got up and gave 7 liras to my waiter and tried to make a quick getaway. He was short, had a round stomach and he had dark brown eyes and brown hair. He asked someone to get me some pizza and fish for him.

I didn’t see the harm in giving him my number, so I gave it to him and he escorted me down to the first floor where I said goodbye to him.

Onur did call me several times when I tried to sleep that night, but, because his English was almost non-existent, there was hardly any conversation, and I just hung up on him, or mostly ignored his phone calls.

He knew no English at all; I saw him look through a Turkish-English dictionary a few times before he went up to me to say, ‘I love you’ and ‘You nice’. I knew that he didn’t mean to say that I was beautiful but that I was foreign and he wanted to find out what I would feel like.

I sighed and made it clear that I wasn’t interested in him. Soon, he went to a glass door that led to the roof and he went out of it a few times and he looked through it, catching my eye and signalling for me to go on the roof with him. I knew that I could have chosen to leave the restaurant without saying a word, but, for some reason, I decided not to.

When the food arrived, we stopped talking for a while, especially since he talked to some customers between bites of his large, juicy fish. I was turned off by how noisily he ate, and the grease around his mouth.

I looked away and out the glass door at the sights of the street.

His name was Onur and he was twenty-three years old.

He said that he liked me very much and he asked if he could have my number, saying that he would like to see me again after he got off from work the next evening.

I think that his room was on the fourth floor while my floor was on the third floor, or our rooms could have been in high number floors, but it’s hard to recall exactly.

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