Dating a zildjian cymbal

But they did have model and weight ink designations.

It's just that most older cymbals have had the ink removed by cleaning.

dating a zildjian cymbal-24

Many thanks to all those who are (like me) passionate about cymbals and trying to piece together the history of these alluring metal disks.

The information really comes from all the people who have contributed to discussions over the years.

Image: 1960s stamp three dots circled The upper portion of the stamp goes through different changes over the years.

Much discussion has centered on the presence/absence of "the three dots", as the way to tell a 50s cymbal from a 70s cymbal. But the presence/absence of the three dots doesn't provide the oft claimed distinction.

As we shall see there are other 50s stamps with the three dots, which complicates any simple attempt to count presence/absence of the three dots as the only thing you need to know.

Stamps with the three dots include: 2 forms of the mid 50s Large Stamp, the 1954 Stamp, the 60s stamps, and the CO stamp (80s). Fortunately, there are other subtle changes which happen in the Ottoman portion and the English portion which can be an aid to establishing manufacturing era.Note that to put a link into a forum post you must use whatever mechanism the forum has for inserting a link.But whatever you have to do, there will be a paste in there somewhere.That will move your browser window into the gallery and place in on that entry.If you look up in your browser in the place where you type in a URL (link) you will see that the link ends with a # followed by some word.Most of the earlier changes have to do with the changes in alignment and location.

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