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Benefits of non-canonicalization include being able to have scheme-relative resource inclusion; e.g., so that Content Organization.From Hugo 0.55, you can use URLs relative to the current site context (the language), which makes it simpler to maintain.

data type stores the year (which includes the century), the month, the day, the hours, the minutes, and the seconds.

It has a range from January 1, 4712 BCE through December 31, 9999 CE (Common Era, or ‘AD’).

Members of the class att.naming have specialized attributes which support linkage of a naming element with the entity (person, place, organization) being named; members of the class att.datable have specialized attributes which support a number of ways of normalizing the date or time of the data encoded by the element concerned.

Referring Strings, these attributes provide two different ways of associating any sort of name with its referent.

Notice php by default assume the give string as such format:'-' is 'y-m-d''/' is 'm/d/y'Unless the given string has Y or M,that is year is written as full year '2019', or month is written as English shorthand 'Jan', the default assumption will be applied, where the date might be incorrect.

The following code show a quick test: (true as of php 7.2)$date = [ '2019-1-3', '19-1-3', '3-1-2019', '3-Jan-19', '3-1-19', //php assume as y-m-d not d-m-y '2019-3-1', '19-3-1', '1-3-2019', '1-3-19', '2019/3/1', '19/3/1', //fail, php think is month 19 '1/3/2019', //php think is m/d/y '1/3/19'];//Y-M-dforeach($date as $i = The construct have some problem with date validate.It uses fixed-length fields of 7 bytes, each corresponding to century, year, month, day, hour, minute, and second to store date data.__construct()Note that when you create a new date object using a format with slashes and dashes (eg or 02/02/2012) it must be in the mm/dd/yy(yy) or mm-dd-yy(yy) format (rather than british format dd/mm/yy)!As an example of the first case, a project might maintain its own local database system containing canonical information about persons and places, each entry in which is accessed by means of some system-specific identifier constructed in a project-specific way from the value supplied for the attribute provides a convenient way of associating an event or date with a named period.Its value is a pointer which should indicate some other element where the period concerned is more precisely defined.For cases where all that is required is to provide some minimal information about the person name, for example their occupation or status, the att.naming class also provides a simple Biographical and Prosopographical Data below.

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