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He then got irritated and said that it was silly to plan dates in advance, because he's a passive guy, blah blah (what bullshit)The current one is, like yours, a bad texter but has asked me out twice.Between dates he's also kept me wondering if he's still interested as he almost never texts. I'll give you a piece of advice on dating a passive guy.

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when we do, he's very friendly but never sustains a text conversation. Let's say you guys get serious and have a real relationship together.

Would you want to be the date/ event planner for the rest of your relationship? But from what I'm reading, he's just happy to go out with an eager, interested girl.

He's probably busy and maybe he also doesn't want to come off clingy. Usually one person in the relationship is the initiator, at least in the first few months of dating. I would just keep the communication lines open and keep planning dates, keeping texting for the planning stages. On the one hand, maybe he just takes some time to warm up & if he keeps saying yes then what's the harm in being the initiator for a while?

I wouldn't have the "I need more communication" talk yet, at least not for the next few dates. On the other hand, if I don't want to be the initiator forever, then maybe I shouldn't set a precedent that I will be. When I read your story I felt like your situation is kind of like a combination of the previous guy I dated and the current one I'm seeing!!

Any guy would be happy to hang out with someone he knows is interested so that he can bask in adoration without making an effort.

He's not making an effort to reciprocate or match your level of enthusiasm.Game theory suggests a tic for tac or a tic for 2 tacs (one off 2nd chance) is the optimal strategy for dealing with people. It doesn't matter what his past relationships have been like it's up to you to set standards from the start.You're doing all the work, you need him to put effort in aswell otherwise how could you possibly know he cares lol you could be any girl as far as he's concerned As others have stated, I wouldn't have a "I need more communication" talk with's too early.I would, however, wait for him to set up the next date. If some chick puts me on the spot about about not showing her more attention then I know it is time to hit the "eject" button.And, also, maybe dial back on the texting/communication that you initiate. You could ghost him, but if he's a seasoned dater, ghosting will simply indicate to him that you're no longer interested/met someone else and he'll never follow up. That way you can find out what his true motives are. The fact is, this op has a predetermined set of expectations that she wants to impose on this guy.However as soon as he got back in town, he texted me, we set up a date and it was great!!

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