Dating and credit scores

Interesting how priorities change as you get older. When I was in high school it was all about the cool car, no matter how you got it. It also helps I knew her before the debt and I know she didn’t frivolously rack it up.Grown up women are much smarter and more mature than their 16 year old counterparts, but I think that helps guys like us in the long run. It was hard for people to get loans while she was in college and college was definitely the right thing for her. Po P and I started dating, I let him pay the first couple of times because he insisted.I would look at a girl’s career and education just like an employer.

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While the site hopes its members are truthful, it says based on its matches the credit score is 92 percent accurate.

Anyone who has hit the dating circuit over the last few years knows that it is a bit of a jungle out there.

We are kicking the last $42,000 in the butt by this fall!

Honesty in dating and engagement has led to our monthly financial talks being fun and something we look forward to instead of dreading like many couples. I love hearing about couples teaming up to take down their debt and meet financial goals together.

“Those aren’t the building blocks of a relationship,” one woman said.

“You should have love, faith, honesty, those things.” Sheriff’s Office: Woman Attacks Man With Hammer Because She’s ‘Sick Of Fancy White People’ But another was a fan of the site saying, “You can’t build a future with somebody if they’re not financially responsible.” One relationship expert questioned if the score is reliable considering it runs on the honor system.

Reply I really like this idea, it is just a shame that it only started once I was already married…

I can tell you that when I was younger the girls that I used to hang out with didn’t care how good your credit rating was, they wanted muscles and a nice smile.

I just talked with my girlfriend this weekend about when we should sit down and do a big money goals and planning talk.

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