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I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if anything switches back to the way it was. I found that the issue in my case is related to VPN.

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After restarting your firestick 4k press the home button go to settings then go to preferences then go to time zone, select time zone again and make sure your time zone, date and time are correct if is not correct press the ok or select button and select your correct time zone and restart your firestick again.

Remember if you are using a vpn application you need to disable it or uninstall because many of this iptv service providers do not allow the use of vpn applications. the issue is with your vpn and amazon not playing well.

Steps to resolve are as follows: 1- turn off your vpn 2- go to settings, time zones and change your time zone to anything else 3- restart 4- go to setting again, the date will now be correct change to the correct time zone.

5- restart 6- turn vpn back on and you should be good to go.

I fixed this, not by disabling the automatic startup (which also worked), but by only letting certain programs through the VPN.

I use Express VPN, which calls this option "Split Tunneling" and is found under settings. I just had to factory reset my device again (five times now that we have had to reload our apk files). There has to be a way to reset the date and time on this device to the correct time.

FIXED: For me, this issue was caused by the VPN starting automatically whenever the Fire TV was rebooted.

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