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Probably, this determines the general attitude of single Austrians to the value of presents.

So, dear ladies, avoid making hasty conclusions about generosity or stinginess of Austrian men – how should they know that in Eastern Europe it’s vice versa?! Probably, Austria is the only country where the tradition to install a maypole in the central square on the Labour Day (1st of May) is still preserved.

It’s impossible to describe this most complicated and exciting process – you should see it with your own eyes.

Be sure, dear ladies, that you will have a chance to see this process, if you use our dating and marriage site to find your love among single Austrians or among their neighbours – single Germans, single Swiss, single Italians.

Being an international dating and marriage site, we are trying to contribute to this good thing so that future family life of single men from Austria becomes happier. Of course by advertising our services offering online dating with East European women that are devoted, intelligent, housewifely, nice, charming, attractive …

and are able to listen to and understand their partner (only Austrian men) whatever happens in their life.

In Austria, a girl will never accept anything expensive from a single man, if she can’t give her partner a present of the same value.

Otherwise, Austrians will consider such a situation as an attempt to buy the person.

:-)Of course, it’s impossible to imagine single Austrians without numerous balls held annually in Vienna!

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