Free live web cam sex jakarta - Dating antique furniture drawers

Fabric that is original on your antique can provide serious clues of its age.

Online searches for original pictures of your antique can help you match your fabric design to the appropriate era.

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Lacquer has been applied to wood furniture for centuries, and if the piece you're inspecting claims to have the original finish, you may be able to date the piece quite easily. Once lacquer hits the century mark it tends to turn quite dark.

If your piece is seeing this darkening effect, you're safe to assume that the piece is at least 100 years old.

If rough surfaces, plane scrapes, and tool marks are evident inside the piece of furniture, or on the back or bottom surfaces, you're probably looking at a pre-1860 model.

This is one of the easiest ways to provide a fairly accurate date stamp to any antique.

The problem is, 5-digit zip codes have only been around for about fifty years!

Often, manufacturers from 100 years ago would simply state “New York” or “Pennsylvania.” Sometimes they’ll denote the city in which it was built.In fact, screws in general didn't really come into vogue until the turn of the 20th century.The first machine made screw was produced in 1848, so anything that uses a complete set of screws that appear to be machine turned will most likely date from circa-1850 and later.But, it is important to determine which type of wood is most prevalent in your antique to help determine the age.Oak is highly popular in furniture that dates from 1700 to earlier years.Before 1860, most drawer knobs, pulls, and implements were made by hand.

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