Dating austrailian woman

I have noticed that too using Tinder and OKC, without trying to sound whiny its a uphill battle not that I let it turn into bitterness and hatred.

Im going back to university soon and have been working on my fashion, going to the gym more, skin care, finding a good hair style and other methods of basic self improvement and hopefully meet more women in the real world.

I have also noticed that in real life at least I can prove I am not the shy, meek and awkward stereotype and that I am just a regular guy which is harder to do online.

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Mostly white girls, but Brisbane is pretty white so it makes sense.

Today, thanks to marriage agencies websites, every man can find a wife of any nationality, including exotic Asian beauties and quiet Slavic lonely ladies with an incredibly attractive appearance.

Invest in yourself and try meeting women in the real world. Disclaimer: Anglo-Australian but was in an LTR with a Korean-American, so got really interested in interracial dynamics.

TL; DR There are differences but they aren't that great.

A few days ago out of curiosity stumbled upon one of those ' Asian masculinity' sub-reddit's which I instantly regretted.

It was essentially a echo chamber of self pity, misery, racism, insecurity and misogyny.

Many of those beliefs are imported with 1st gen migrants.

The same applies for interracial marriages / interfaith and so on.

They're exacerbated by the commodified culture of online dating.

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