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For recent pistols this mark is usually located on the frame near the trigger guard, for older pistols, the mark is on the slide or on the frame behind the grip area.Shotguns have this mark stamped on the barrel near the chamber.Some I can tell are definitely C&R (model only made before '68; some are definitely not (model not made before '68).

This is the WORST way to get a gun collection, the beretta, right side of the frame, in front of the trigger guard, will be a set of proofs, one will be a set of letters, the letters indicate the date made use the chart here https:// Many Model 70s and other Beretta handguns of that period actually have the year of manufacture stamped on the frame just in front of the hammer, easy peasy. I have to make a decision on the "Baby." It may be worth more at auction than it is in my back pocket.

t=542804 btw, 1968 was 50 yrs ago, I sold a Colt made in 1968 to Cali a month ago, and it was good to go according to the dealer I shipped it to Thanks, Lyman. It's the lightweight model, and not worth much as a weapon IMO.

So I need to verify which of his guns were manufactured before 1968, and I can't actually look at the guns themselves.

All I have is a list of the models and their serial numbers; no date codes or other markings.

They told me I could look up the info at orionbluebook but when i did that a audio area also they said you could get the info from

This tread is a bit stale, but it seems like it's still an active question.

Can we start a Beretta serial number survey, leaving off the last few numbers, for those brave and patient souls who have actually CALLED the "Sphinx"?! steel that fails after a certain period of time in the pistols? I will call with fourteen thousand different serial numbers, only one of which is actually mine. The Beretta 92FS pistols I have seen are preceded by "BER". I'd like to know why the 92FS pistols I have seen are preceded by BER when the information gleaned from my research suggests that has a special meaning (not just "Made by Beretta, USA"), specifically that they are for reserve.

Why should it be so hard to learn when my pistols were manufactured? Gee, Beretta, maybe you'd like to come out from behind the curtain and tell your customers when you built their pistols .... And I'd like to know what the "Z" means, since for Beretta shotguns, "z" means it was a discounted demo model. There's a sticky at the Beretta forum that has manufacturer dates for Italian 92's.

If it's not a secret, why can't they just post the production/serial numbers for each year? And I don't care if it is paranoid or not, I shouldn't have to wait on hold, maybe be recorded, and provide the serial numbers of ..... And Jim Lay, sending the serial number of a pistol over the internet is almost as stupid as running up and down the street scattering blank checks and screaming out your social security number. If your pistol is imported then the date code stamped on the right-side of the triggerguard will give you the info you seek.

If yours is a USA model then Beretta USA is your only choice.

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