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The Latin word cunae, translates as “cradle," referring to the infancy period of book printing.

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The first crude woodcuts appeared in Europe by 1400.

Given the difficulties of scraping out the wood between the lines to be printed, and the danger that lines that were too thin would break under pressure, early woodcuts consisted mainly of thick outlines with minimal shading.

This phase began in the 11th century in China and Korea, and blossomed suddenly in Europe in the 15th when Johann Gutenberg applied this 4,000 year-old Chinese technical advance to a far tinier character set : the gothic scribal version of the Latin alphabet.

The third phase has only just begun, but clearly it involves another fundamental shift—.

Most block books are primarily image, but the example above is an exception.

It is a page from a Latin grammar of Donatus, a school text.

He went to London at the age of 16 to become an apprentice to a merchant, later moving to Bruges, the centre of the wool trade, where he became a successful and important member of the merchant community.

From 1462 to 1470 he served as governor of the 'English Nation of Merchant Adventurers', which allowed him to represent his fellow merchants, as well as act as a diplomat for the king.

The cards were printed in black outline and then hand colored by painting or stenciling.

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