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Bosniaks are generally associated with Islam, Bosnian Croats with the Roman Catholic Church, and Bosnian Serbs with the Serbian Orthodox Church.

According to the most recent census, conducted in 2013 and whose results were published in 2016, Muslims today constitute 50.70% of the population; Christians, both Catholic and Orthodox, constitute 45.94%; and other groups, including protestants , Jews and nonreligious persons, constitute 3.36%, The Jewish community has approximately 1,000 believers and maintains a historic place in society by virtue of centuries of coexistence with other religious communities and its active role in mediating among those communities.

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A number of illegally constructed religious objects continued to cause ethnic/religious tension and conflict in various communities.

Religious symbols were often misused for political purposes.

Discrimination against religious minorities occurred in nearly all parts of the country.

In some communities local religious leaders and politicians contributed to intolerance and an increase in nationalism through public statements and sermons.

Government protection of religious freedom declined, especially during the campaign period prior to the October 2006 national elections, due to selective legal enforcement and the indifference of some government officials.

At the end of the period covered by this report, the Government was implementing the State Law on Religious Freedom to protect the rights of religious communities and create a government registry allowing them to establish legal status.A glamorous white dress, flower bouquets, hundreds of guests and a crying grandmother who is so proud that her artificial pacemaker jumps up and down…That’s the moment she dreamed of since she was a child. Hundreds, if not thousands of Bosnian girls are looking for marriage with a foreign man. And there are many reasons why these ladies are the perfect brides for Muslim men. Just don’t try to meet your future bride in one of the clubs and bars in Sarajevo. Even though Bosnia is by far not the richest country in the world, their weddings are pompous. However, local authorities sometimes restricted the right to worship of adherents of religious groups in areas where such persons are in the minority.54% of Herzegovinian and Bosnian Muslims consider themselves as "just muslims".Societal abuses and discrimination based on religious belief and practice persisted.

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