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But she was able to fight back from that — and certainly has a lot of support as she fights back now.It turns out there may have been more truth to Britney Spears' hit "Lucky" than the world initially knew.

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Her mother, Lynne, was reportedly encouraging of the first augmentation, but Britney was devastated at the public backlash to her suddenly ample chest.

"When Britney saw the papers, she was crying in the bathtub uncontrollably, asking, 'Why is everyone being so mean to me?

Lynne reportedly filed for divorce, and even tried to get a protective order against Jamie after she alleged he'd cheated in December 1979, but the divorce filing was withdrawn.

When her parents' fights were particularly traumatic, young Brit retreated to her aunt's nearby trailer.

A , saying she'd wake up during the night in fear and often "had trouble sleeping" during her European tour in 2000. Spears' family history, personal life, and extreme professional pressures all played a role in what turned out to be a devastating meltdown of a truly "Original Doll." This is Britney Spears' tragic real-life story. I wanted this to happen 10 years ago." reported that Jamie Spears struggled with alcoholism.

that she was actually thrilled when her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears, divorced in 2002, saying, "It's the best thing that's ever happened to my family. Jamie's brother Willie told the outlet that Jamie would frequently get drunk and fight with Lynne, and that Jamie once "tried to drive off with Britney" after an argument.

Spears admitted she appreciated being reminded that she was so young at the time, explaining, "It makes me feel good when people realize I'm just a kid, because people expect so much out of me right now." Spears' discomfort with fame hasn't exactly faded with time.

She said in her ) that she believes she thrives under pressure, but that she felt "alienated from the public" when she was constantly hounded by paparazzi.

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