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Then came the legendary evening Ascorti, Radice, and Davoli gathered around the fireplace after a hard day's work enjoying their pipes, a glass of wine, and humorous conversation.

Davoli is said to be the one who associated the pipes with the fireplace or chimney, which is "camino" in Italian.

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(Davoli, for reasons of corporate identity, later wore a big mustache, too.)Now Davoli concentrated on marketing the Caminetto brand in the United States. Davoli filled the gap, promoting the Caminetto to be absolutely equal to the Castello in terms of quality, but asking only half the price. The Tinder Box International was put under contract, with successful nationwide distribution.

The success was overwhelming - far beyond any expectation, with the rusticated Business line becoming the most popular.

The additional income from the shop enabled him to buy tools and machines little by little to furnish his own workshop.

By the end of 1968, he was ready and left Castello.

The most important employee is Cesare Vigano, who has worked for Caminetto / Ascorti for more than thirty years.

To bring about more stability and higher production, Davoli invested a considerable amount of money in modern pipemaking machinery, and in doing so went from distributor to co-owner of Caminetto.

This brings me to the reason of why I am opting to include the history of Caminetto, as well as their shapes (see photo below), their stampings, and dating information.

Most of what will be covered can be found with some research, some cannot be found so easily. History: Caminetto's history started in 1959 when Guiseppe Ascorti, from Cucciago, and known to his friends as "Peppino", was hired by Carlo Scotti to work at Castello, located in nearby Cantu.

Ironically enough, the increasing demand soon drove Ascorti and Radice to the limits of their production.

The brand had been introduced successfully in Germany, and in Italy to some extent. Even Ascorti's elder son, Roberto (born 1958; and the current owner) helped with stamping and shipping the pipes when he was yet a schoolboy.

My pipe collection dwindled from 50-60 pipes to 8 and counting.

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