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The 1994 RL 2000 collection could be seen as a way ahead predecessor to the eventual Polo Sport RLX line that Ralph and company started in 1998 (and would expand and redefine—with a bend towards golf—in the mid-to-late 2000s).

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The performance-focused, technical gear was out of character for Ralph’s aesthetic at the time, but the collection and most notably this jacket, is looked back upon fondly.

In the outerwear discussion, few pieces can eclipse the history and look of the classic camel hair Polo coat.

The bear has adorned many recognizable faces, but it’s hard to top Kanye West when it comes to notable Polo Bear fans.

West was a major proponent of the Polo Bear in 2000s hip-hop, but perhaps his greatest homage to the character is seen in the photography for the cover of ; images of West in the “Droput Bear” costume also feature Polo’s bear front and center.

While Ralph Lauren gear spotted on university grounds is rarely anything beyond the standard Polo shirt bearing the horse logo on the chest, the “P Wing” sweater feels like it was ripped from ‘60s Ivy league track meets and brought into everyday wear.

Real Lo Heads will know that, while the American edition features a blue winged foot graphic (as seen on the Stadium Collection reissue), international editions are adorned with a red winged foot graphic.

Decades later, it has become a calling card for the Ralph Lauren brand, appearing on sweaters, jackets and throws.

When it comes to 1992’s Stadium Collection, there’s very few pieces that don’t occupy “grail” status.

Enormous peak lapels on a double breasted cut combine with the half-belt detailing at the rear and flap pockets throughout to create a relic of the past that oozes brilliance in today’s dress code.

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