Dating conventions

You can also report or flag users to bring them to our attention as well.If a user harasses you outside of our app, please report them to convention security or the police.

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There are also contradictions within the books in this area.

For example, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, both 1 September and 2 September are given as Mondays and, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Buckbeak's trial is set on 20 April, but careful parsing of the text reveals that it could have happened no later than February.

🙂 If you’re wondering if Convexion will sell your data, we won’t: What if I don’t have a badge?

If you check-in to a convention but don’t have a badge for your photo, don’t worry.

When you match with another convention-goer, you can meet at the convention where it’s safer and more familiar.

Enjoy a panel together, get lunch at the food court, or enjoy a drink at the hotel bar.

Dating other convention-goers allows you to enjoy the convention but also increases your safety because you can meet publicly in a safe, familiar space.

Convexion is in beta, but we’re working to make dating at conventions easier, more enjoyable, and safer. Convexion requires users to take a photo of their convention badge or other proof they are attending the convention they have checked-into.

These photos will appear in your matches’s photo scroll with a Convexion logo icon.

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