Dating couples counseling

Lastly, a good all around free marriage counseling resource online is For Your which has information on all aspects of marriage and marriage counseling.

They specifically cater to Christian couples but have good advice for everyone.

On websites like they offer forums and other resources for a vast number of marital issues.

Sites like have plenty of informational resources as well as a unique service to help you find therapists and counselors in your area.

Remember the ten topics in Meg’s book that she suggests discussing before getting married?

(A refresher: the questions are under the general headers of faith, money, goals, family, location, sex, household responsibilities, fighting, skeletons in the closet, and end of life.) As much as we might wish we could discuss these topics once and then move on, they continue to come up and evolve throughout marriage.

Related Article: When to Divorce: 7 Signs You Need to Get Out Marriages are worth fighting for and the search for free marriage advice and counseling isn’t always fruitful.

It may take some time but exploring the various options (support groups, church counseling, online forums) increases your chances of finding the help you need.

Better offers 7-day free trials of their online counseling service, connecting you to one of 2,000 licensed therapists.

Forums, discussion groups and marriage counseling providers also offer a good source of free information.

Plus, you won’t need to spend a lot of money, and you won’t have to juggle your busy schedule around visits to a therapist’s office.

After you and your partner agree to get help, you’ll find plenty of options.

If your spouse is behaving strangely and you have questions about it there are many safe places to anonymously pose those questions.

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