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Risk levels Protests and demonstrations have become common in East Jerusalem and parts of the Old City, many of which lead to clashes between protestors and local authorities, particularly at the Temple Mount (to Jews) or the Haram al-Sharif (to Muslims) on Fridays.

Jerusalem has also seen an increased number of attacks targeting civilians.

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Border areas with Israel are particularly dangerous.

Rocket and mortar launches, gunfire and military activity occur in the areas of Israel surrounding the Gaza Strip with little or no warning.

There are periodic Israeli security operations targeting individuals in cities and villages throughout the West Bank, particularly in: It is not possible to travel without passing through multiple Israeli military checkpoints, where there may be a greater threat of violent confrontations.

Areas in the vicinity of the barrier separating Israel and the West Bank are particularly high-risk.

Safety and security situation Avoid all travel to areas within 5 km of the border between Israel and Egypt, as the security situation could deteriorate rapidly.

This includes Highway 10 and portions of Highway 12 near the border.Avoid all travel to the parts of the Golan Heights that border Syria, that is, east of Highway 98, due to increased militant and Israel Defense Forces activity.This risk level excludes of the urban communities of Buq’ata, Majdal Shams and Mas’ada, where you should exercise a high degree of caution.This risk level excludes the town of Eilat, where you should exercise a high degree of caution.Safety and security situation Exercise a high degree of caution in Jerusalem due to protests and clashes between protestors and local authorities in East Jerusalem and parts of the Old City, and politically motivated attacks and violence throughout the city.Cities and towns within 40 km of the Gaza Strip, such as Ashdod and Beersheva, are most likely to suffer material damages and casualties.

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