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In addition, Hayley has been apart of three Dancing with the Stars: Live! Hayley was the mentor of Kameron Couch and her partner Hudson West.

At the time, he did not say if he returned those feelings. If you are going to go for a fake kiss, you have nothing to lose by going big.

Romantic horseback rides do not happen by accident.

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When they do, they tend to be shy about talking about it. Some people are more open about their personal lives.

ABC's reality dance competition is just that: a reality show. People "fall in love." As any fan of reality TV can acknowledge -- everything may not always be what it seems.

At the time Lopez was fresh off a divorce and the couple reportedly had a drama-filled relationship.

During their time together Lopez apparently cheated on Smirnoff, which he admitted.

After weeks of sharing sultry dance moves and countless hours of training together -- things can happen. Are Alexis Ren and her pro partner Alan Bersten dating? In the segment before they danced, Alexis Ren shared that she has developed feelings for Alan Bersten. While some may have been skeptical about their kiss, it appeared genuine.

Fast forward to this week's installment and Alan revealed that he does have feelings for her. Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten's subtle display of public affection indicates it was the real deal. Knowing that their relationship would be met with skepticism is all the more reason not to fake one.

Because when you win the last season, you would think you’d have a guaranteed spot.

In the past 27 seasons, this was the case — you won, you’re obviously in, you’re the reigning mirrorball champion! He continued, “I don’t think she had any thought in her head that she wouldn’t be back, simply because of the winning situation.

She is trained in all styles of dance and her contemporary specialty won her numerous national titles and awards.

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