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“And I’ve had time to research issues and have kept patients from having to see a specialist.” This luxury of time markedly contrasts to other common pediatric practice experiences.

Surveys featured in an August 2014 Wall Street Journal article suggest that increasing wait times — whether waiting days to set up appointments or hours waiting in offices — and decreasing appointment times (the national average hovers around 15 minutes for a checkup, according to the Wall Street Journal article) have led to patient doctor dissatisfaction.

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Not a lot of people — doctors or patients — know about it yet, but it just makes so much sense.” Walsh did some of her training with Dr. He started using the direct care concept in 2001, and says only in the last few years has the model really caught on. “There are thousands of practices across the country, with new ones showing up on Google Alert almost every day.” Since DPC was a new concept 15 years ago, this is a huge jump.

“I’ve got a patient who is homeless — it’s the only health coverage he can afford,” Forrest says.

These are concierge or direct primary care doctors who provide the following services to a limited membership of patients for a monthly or yearly fee: Concierge and primary care doctors believe they are doing what all doctors want to do — provide patients with in-depth, attentive and, for the most part, proactive rather than reactive service. For Vernon Menard of Charlotte, concierge medical care is a “non-negotiable no-brainer.” He and his wife are busy entrepreneurs who have a 5-year-old daughter and became members of Signature Healthcare, a concierge practice in Charlotte that opened this past June, for the convenience of same-day appointments and no-wait visits.

But there are an increasing number of doctors who are offering similar services at much lower rates — typically around $1,500 per year.

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Cardillo says the time she has saved not waiting in doctor’s offices, the trips to urgent care she has not had to make and the peace of mind she has about her family’s health “more than pays for a membership fee.” Direct primary care, commonly referred to as DPC, is an increasingly popular variation of concierge care that has been called “concierge care for the masses.” The main difference is that concierge doctors accept insurance, while DPC doctors opt out of insurance coverage and require direct payment.

By avoiding the overhead costs of billing, as well as the practice restrictions associated with insurance, DPC doctors are able to provide services at a reduced rate, with average memberships ranging from - per month, according to a 2015 study by The DPC Journal Last year Dr. So a family with two parents and children could get full-service, concierge-style health care for 0-0 per month. Amy,” says Lauren Lemke, whose youngest son has asthma.

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When Michelle Cardillo’s son, who is severely allergic to insect bites, was bitten by fire ants, she texted a photo of the bite marks to her pediatrician in Apex. Kimberly Ramsdell of Ramsdell Pediatrics called her back “immediately,” told her the child was not suffering from anaphylactic shock, and instructed her to give him Benadryl right away. Ramsdell texted me first thing next morning to ask how he was doing,” Cardillo says. Many people associate concierge care with extreme wealth. Howard Maron, who, in 1996, was one of the first to offer concierge care and currently charges patients a five-digit membership fee. 14, 2009 Forbes magazine article reported that, at that time, Maron was charging individual patients an annual fee of ,000 and a family of four ,000 at his Bellevue, Washington, practice, MD2 (pronounced “MD squared”).

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