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Not sure why I have to pay twice as much because they made a mistake. also I have so many retainers that I dont know what to do with because of their mistakes of taking extra money out of my account each month!

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However, all shipping charges are still the responsibility of the customer.

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-848-7566, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.

The ultimate goal of Smile Direct Club is to make sure that their system is affordable for almost any budget.

To do this, they price their initial evaluation at just $95 to see if you are a good candidate for their system.

I have 30 years experience as a provider of Periodontal and Preventive Dental care, so I am not saying this off the top of my head. Vandiveer Strait, DDS, FAGD The company sent me the wrong aligners and are not interested and making it correct. Dont choose @smiledirectclub choose some other company.. After you pay the full amount they place you on the back burner and dont care about you.

My teeth are still crooked after six months of treatment and they want to start charging me another monthly to send me the correct aligners. I have been waiting on my aligners for 2 months and they say that I wont get then for 3 FULL months. Only the new customers that haven't paid their full amount yet..If you are, their full treatment plan is priced at 00, no matter what the specifics of your treatment are.They say that their customers are really paying for an outcome, not for the specific treatment they are receiving.From there, I reviewed my credit card account and saw that SDC went ahead and charged the 0 down payment to my account.I got in contact with my credit card company who then proceeded to contact SDC with me on the line.Customers may want to speak to their dentist about the best options for them before committing to any specific option.

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