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Even though The Grouch released his last solo album () just eight months ago, he still manages to come up with fresh and original material.

Less than six degrees of seperation from The Grouch is the number four entry on this week's Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top FIve: FELT, which features Slug of Atmosphere, who collaborated with The Grouch & Eligh on their collaborative album this year, and MURS, who is another fellow Living Legends member.

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Vinyl collectors will be happy to know that there is an LP version of also available from Amoeba.

As well as the reconstructed album Smile the new 2 CD version of the collection (see image of contents right) includes a lot more gems from the vaults; early song drafts, alternate takes, vocal only & instrumental only mixes of songs, as well as snippets of studio banter between the band members.

The documentary was shot over several days in September and October 2011, and captures Amoeba moments like our in-store with Touareg band Tinariwen and our Halloween festivities, as well as interviews with staff and regular customers.

I particularly loved Amoebite Cody in full costume (including face paint) being interviewed on camera with no reference to his appearance or explanation about it being Halloween.

Well not exactly; it never got released as originally intended by its creator Wilson at the time.

Portions of the project have surfaced as bootlegs, snapped up by diehard Wilson/Beach Boys fans, over the decades since its initial intended release date.

The festival was created by Radio-Television-Film professor Ellen Spiro to feature short documentary and experimental films made by UT students.

Here's the tricky part: the films must be under 10 minutes long and made for under .

Also included is a 14.5" x 20" poster of the Frank Holmes cover art, and a 37 page booklet with liner notes by Wilson.

There is also a collectible one inch scale Smile button included. Amoeba and the Amoeba Music mark and logo are trademarks of Amoeba Music Inc.

The perspective being that their record is, for me, almost the equivalent of a very good read of high fantasy, or at least as good as any old anthologized, oft-told yarn.

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