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Address mail as follows: Box Box 3 Box 4 Box 5 Box 6 Box 7 Box 8 Box 9 Box 10 Box 11 Box 12 Box 13 Box 14 Box IS Box 16 Box 171 Box AF Box Assignment Box DD Box EEO Box FWC Box Interference Box Issue Fee Box FTU Box M. All intent to use documents, excluding the initial application and amendments to allege use. Mail for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline New patent application and associated papers and fees. Classification Definitions, and provides technical staff assistance in their use to aid the public, in gainmg effctive access to information contained in patents. GODICI, Director 308-1 148 MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGIES AND HUSBANDRY PERSONAL TREATMENT INFORMATION, GROUP 330— J.

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dollars) is as follows: Transmittal fee: 170.00 Search Fee U. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as International Searching Authority (ISA) — No corresponding prior U. national application filed 550.00 — Corresponding prior U. national application filed 380.00 — Supplemental search fee.


All papers for the Office of the Solicitor except communications relating to pending litigation; papers relating to pending litigation shall be mailed only to Office of the Solicitor, P. Requests for Reexamination for original request papers only. is under 37 CFR 1.182 to obtain date receiv^ed and/or serial number for patent applications prior to the Office's standard notification (return postcard or the official "Filing Receipt," "Nptice to File Missing Parts," or "Notice of Incomplete App Hcation"). The scope of these collections varies from library to libary, ranging from patents of only recent years to all or most of the patents issued These patent collections, which are organized in patent number sequence, are available for use by the public free of charge. in addition offers supplemental reference publications of the U. Patent Classification System, including the Manual of Classificalton. Facilities for making paper copies of patents from either microfilm or paper collections are generally provided for a fee. ^ t.- i Since there are variations in the scope of patent collections among the PDLs and in their hours of service lo the public, anyone contemplating use of the patents at a particular library is urged to contact that library, in advance, about its collection and hours in order to avert possible inconvenience.

Fee Box Non-Fee- Amendment Box OED Box PATENT APPLICATION Box t RADEMARK Box Pat. Box PCT Box Reexam Box Sequence Box SN Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Washington, D. 20231 Mail for the Office of personel for NFC Mail for the Assistant Commissioner for External Affairs and the Office of Legislation and Internal Affairs. Mail for the Office of Procurement Reissue applications for patents involved in litigation and subsequently filed related papers. Correspondence related to a patent that is subject to the payment of a maintenance fee. New trademark application and associated papers and APPLICATION fees. Mail related to applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Patents Available for Public Use in Patent Depository Libraries The following libraries, designated as Patent Depository Libraries (PDl^), receive current issues of U. Patents and maintain collections of earlier- issued patents. CASSIS (Classification And Search Support Information System); which provides direct, on-line access to Patent and Trademark Office data, is available at all PDLs.


Wendt Library, University of Wisconsin Madison (608)262-6845 Milwaukee Public Library (414) 278-3247 PATENT EXAMINING CORPS JAMES E. KUND^, Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner PATENT EXAMINING GROUPS Phone Number Area Code 703 (* CHEMICAL EXAMINING GROUPS GENERAL METALLURGICAL.

Printing authorized by Section I l(a)3 of Title 35, U.

Certain domestic PCT fees and charges for International Search and Preliminary Examination have been changed effec- tive Apr. 6.00 12.00 — For each application con- taining a multiple depen- dent claim 60.00 120.00 — Surcharge for filing nation- al fee or oath or declaration after the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1) 60.00 120.00 — Processing fee for filing English translation after the time limit applicable under PCT Article 22 or 39(1) 30.00 30.00 May 2. Status of Appeal Cases Tlie Date of Examiner's Answer of Oldest Ex Parte Appeals Awaiting Assignment to Panel For A Decision Without a Hearing as of May 31, 1991.

UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS INTERNATIONAL, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN UMI V ^ ^^ U THE PAPER AND INK USED IN THE ORIGINAL MATERIAL AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE MICRO- FORM EDITION. 1, 1984, provides that maintenance fees may be paid without surcharge for a six-month period beginning 3, 7, and 1 1 years after the date of issue of patents based on applica- tion filed on or after Dec. An additional six-month grace period is provided by 35 U. The patents have patent numbers within the following ranges: Utility Patents 4,752,970 thrt)ugh 4,754,497 Reissue Patents based on the above identified patents. BUCHER, DIRECTOR, TRADEMARK EXAMINING OPERATION CONDITION OF TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS AS OF JUNE 1, 1991.

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