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The Epiphone Sheraton II is an extremely popular guitar among today's players as well as among traditionalists. The Sheraton II Archtop has a set neck joint and its neck is made from 3-piece Maple.Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of The Epiphone Sheraton II archtop guitar features a pair of humbuckers, gold hardware, and a beautiful Natural finish. The fingerboard is made of Rosewood with Block and Triangle markers.The Sheraton II is a great guitar with a long history, dating back to the creation of the original Sheraton back in 1959.

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I was in Matt Uminov's a little while back and here was an oval hole Triumph(? It has a great sound at a realy good price but I'm having a hard time dating it . Anyway, I play with a violinist and don't really need to be loud.

No sizzling highs, no rib-rattling bass, no sustain, just pure midrange chunk. It's a sunburst model with two pickups and it has a Gibson truss rod cover.

I'm just trying to find out if anyone has used this make of pup and does 70 GBP seem to be a reasonable price considering the price differential between the UK and USA. Ken It was barely 2 years ago I was salivating towards getting my first jazz box, an emperor regent. I got round to replacing the pickups in my Korean Epi Sheraton 2 with Sound of Sin Classic PAFs that I picked up used for £70.(all guitars,amps and bits cost a lot more in the UK) These are handmade in the USA by Chris Carter.

Little did I know I'd own it for less than a month and that would be the spark to ignite a 2 year sampling binge. I believe they cost about $110 The States which is a bargain for a handmade set of pups. It's very difficult to describe a sound but they completely suit this guitar.

I have a SD Seth Lover in another guitar and they sound more open ( but it is also a different guitar so it is a bit hard to compare...) The most important thing is that the ones in the guitar were pretty bad and the guitar was sounding a lot better when they were replaced.

The focus and clarity is a lot better with other pickups.

The body material on the Epiphone Sheraton II is laminated Maple, as is the top.

Pickups switched out to Duncans and all of the warmth of a 335 in the compact size of a Les Paul. Good thing I don't carry that kind of pocket change around with me, or maybe it's too bad I don't!

From what I can gather these are sold in the USA under the SIN brand.

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