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And if you wanna work out people in your select location, you actually have to make sure that you have location set Service is turned on in Facebook, and so then you're actually looking for people in your current location.At the moment, you're not able to set a location somewhere else, say if you're travelling.Unfortunately for those of you in the US who want to use Facebook Dating or its new Secret Crush feature, the service still isn't available here.

Facebook says that users have told it they believe there's an opportunity to explore romances within their own extended circle of friends on Facebook, and that's how the idea for Secret Crush came to be.

The feature will let you select from up to nine Facebook friends who you may be interested in, and if they're on the Dating service, they'll get a notification letting them know someone has a crush on them.

If you've ever wanted to let Facebook know who your romantic crush is -- and no, "poking" doesn't count -- soon you'll have the chance to do just that.

Today, at its F8 2019 developers conference, the company announced Secret Crush, a new feature that will let you use Facebook Dating to express interest in someone from your friends on the site.

So you can also say things like your hometown and your Views, job title and so on in this selection over here.

Then you can also preview it and see what it would look like to other people.

So within the brand new designed Facebook app, you can go over into the menu over here and you'll notice A new dating option. What's gonna happen is that Facebook is actually gonna set you up with two profiles.

You're gonna have your regular Facebook profile that all your friends and family can see, and then there's also a separate dating profile.

And all that the dating profile pulls over initially is your name and your age.

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