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This year Helsinki Fashion Week took place from 19th to 22nd of July, in four locations in Helsinki.

The fashion shows took place in the Palace of Nobility, Wanha Satama and Clarion hotel Helsinki.

Talk panels were also held in these places and keynotes were held at Elisa Kulma, witch is an official partner of HFW.

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Women do appreciate traditional courtesy, although ultimately they appraise men on the basis of their attitude towards equality.

Women are usually independent financially and may offer to pay their share of a restaurant bill, for instance.

Most Finns belong formally to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church (about 83%), while 1.1% belong to the Finnish Orthodox Church; but people in general are fairly secular in their views.

Despite this, the Church and its ministers are held in high esteem, and personal religious views are respected.

Finland is a country where considerable weight is attached to the spoken word – words are chosen carefully and for the purpose of delivering a message.

Indeed, there are very few other culture-specific considerations that visitors need be aware of.

Finns place great value on words, which is reflected in the tendency to say little and avoid ‘unnecessary’ small talk.

As the Chinese proverb puts it, “Your speech should be better than silence, if it is not, be silent.” Finns have a very strong sense of national identity.

There is a high degree of equality between the sexes in Finland, as can be seen in the relatively high number of women holding advanced positions in politics and other areas of society.

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