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To flirt successfully, a sense of flow needs to be established within the dynamic to keep each party engaged in the conversation.

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I’ve been guilty of talking about myself far too much in conversations.

And I’ve certainly been on dates where the person opposite me exhibited the same unpleasant trait.

This indicates that you feel safe and connected with them.

It’s a gesture that generates a sense of intimacy and sensuality – without going overboard.

Finally, the best way to maintain (and increase) your date’s interest in you is to cut off contact before conversation gets stale.

In other words, leave them wanting more by being the first one to bow out of the exchange.

If you ask questions, it’s logical that you should listen to the answer.

Yet listening is something that many of us (myself included) still struggle with, even when learning how to flirt.

Maybe even ask another question to get them to expand more.

This demonstrates that you’re an interested and generous person to converse with, and these days, that’s a pretty radical statement.

Flirting is an integral part of finding the relationship you really want. Love coach Persia Lawson explains how to flirt According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of ‘flirt’ is to ‘behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions.’ Over the years, countless articles, books and blog posts have been written on how to flirt.

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