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Get Jewish Week's Newsletter by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up “What began as a grassroots operation with three Hebrew school students around the kitchen table slowly morphed into something bigger and better,” he said.

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Bill and Farla Frumkin, Chabad’s Assistant Rabbi Osher Kravitsky, Cynthia Wiesenfeld, George Elashvili, Gershon Bitterman, Shimon Babaev, Ilya Aronovich, Michael Stern, Milt Mitzner, Hillel Milun, Steve Blumner, Joey Hecht, Sharon Noy, and Dr. Phil Orenstein, Ann Schocket, Irene and Michael Alter, Ray Haimson, Richard Greenbaum, Robert Germino, and Bryan Korman also came out to lend support from outside the community.

With a lavish dinner and exuberant ribbon cutting, Chabad of Great Neck recently celebrated two milestones: the anniversary of its 25-year presence in Nassau County, and the opening of its new 23,500 square-foot building.

Chabad of Great Neck stepped up, with minimal time to prepare, to host the event. Hundreds came out to learn more about how, in the face of an enemy that doesn’t stick to any rulebooks, America has disgracefully not held true to some of our rulebooks, such as the aforementioned freedom of speech, as well as certain protection, honors, and benefits due to our soldiers and veterans.

The Chabad house was full inside, and another 500 people watched in the outdoor theater that had been set up to accommodate everyone.

Among the organizers of the event were the eloquent activist Jeffrey Wiesenfeld (president of the Israel Independence Fund and former aide to Senator Alfonse D’Amato, Gov.

George Pataki, and the late Mayor Ed Koch), and Dr.She compared the demonization of someone who speaks out against Islamic fanaticism to sharia law, in which someone loses their life for “offending Islam.” In describing the covert war to disarm the American people, Ms. You are not allowed to question.” As Jews are being wiped out of Europe–a fact that would have made Hitler proud–our job is to speak out against hatred.Geller related how the Council on American-Islamic Relations is considered a “Muslim civil-rights group” while Atlas Shrugs is considered a “hate group” by our government. Geller encouraged everyone to utilize their sphere of influence to spread knowledge. The Great Neck community can thank Rebbetzin Chani Geisinsky, Henry Schwartz, Dov Davidovics, Alan Steinberg, Drs.Although shluchim are usually known for setting up shop in remote areas with few Jewish resources, Rabbi Geisinsky said that the Lubavitcher Rebbe “understood that despite there being many organized synagogues in Great Neck, there was a need to reach out to every Jew,” and “gave us his blessing to start a Chabad house here.” Due to the large number of existing congregations, when the Geisinskys first arrived, they encountered some resistance. concerned,” according to Rabbi Geisinsky, that Chabad would turn the town into an exclusive “black hat, Shabbat-keeping-only community.” But with the passage of time, Rabbi Geisinsky said, despite differing viewpoints, “we have come to respect and support each other.” The Geisinskys started out as a “modest operation, a small staff in a two-desk office,” loaned to them by a local businessman, said Rabbi Yonason Biggs, a longtime friend of Rabbi Geisinsky who also is based in Great Neck.They found their niche serving the area’s growing Persian community, and as the organization grew, it was clear they would need more space.did by helping out in NYC following 9/11, and as his son did in the war in Afghanistan.

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