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Here are some animation previews coming in a future build of Our Apartment, please check out our previous post about visual upgrades!This will be a full set of animations featuring the new male avatar unlike the current dildo animation, which will also get a few improvements later since the model had to be updated.We believe that the web site should not be contaminated with anime/hentai advertisements, cartoons, animations, pictures, audio, ETC.

For other games you may have to buy (unless they're freeware by now) check out the old King's Quest series.

They started becoming point and click around the fifth one I believe. They had a pretty decent story too, took place in various fantasy kingdoms with some very interesting setups (Traveling to the land of the dead, outsmarting a minotaur after working your way through his labyrinth in 6, struggling through a desert, and facing down a yeti in 5 were good fun that required brain rather than brawn). Unfortunately I'm no good with art so I can't help you.

Keep in mind this animation is still work in progress and will be cleaned up before public's the full projected animation set to look forward to!

a wonderful web site that is appreciated by millions of people.

If it takes some animators forever to do a frame-by-frame animation, it'll take me forever and an ever for me to do anything remotely bearable since I just learned how to animate during the summer. )) Halloween is the best time of year, btw - wait, look at my name, ...

If you were interested by the 'Amnesia: Dark Descent' Let's Play, I think you may want to check out 'Penumbra: Overture'.

" Geez, I NEVER keep quiet during the "water monster" scene ()... Know of any other good Let's Plays of survival horror games?


Furthermore, the emergence of Dating Sim games is an embarrassment to the human race.

It is pathetic and stupid, and therefore should also be banned from the web site.

Then why the hell did I watch a Let's Play of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"? I already watched Haunting Ground (technically not scary, but...yeah). A super simple, "Choose your adventure" one on You Tube, but a game... It's technically pretty easy to do, but time consuming if you don't want to make a piece of crap, so maybe one day, after I'm done with this project and if I'm extremely bored, I'll make something similar in flash using not-copyrighted artwork (::coughs::). Especially for OLDER girls (not hentai, you pervs; look up: otome games) since it's awkward to date guys that're in their 15-17's when I'm 20. :3 Greetings Guywholikeshalloween Here's the dude behind the Legend of Pliskin series~ It changed a lot over time. XD As I've said, I don't play scary games; Not fond of being startled and I get easily scared too.

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