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Q: How diligent should collectors be in cleaning collectible bottles? A soaking in a slightly stronger solution, such as ammonia, may be required for stubborn grit.

This is an ideal gift for a first anniversary, Valentine’s Day or used as part of gift wrap.

Roses are symbolic of a great range of emotions from friendship to love, warmth, happiness and romance.

Another way to judge age could be by the weight of the candlestick.

Because most candlesticks produced before the 18th Century were made of solid brass, they were obviously quite heavy.

In the post-Civil War period, the candlestick apparently fell in popularity, giving way to the lamp, which, in turn, also has become popular among Americana collectors.

A resurgence in candlestick production then appears to have taken place for about three decades following 1900, before once again falling off.

Question: We have an extensive collection of American candlesticks that must date back more than a few generations. Answer: Candlesticks are a popular, but sometimes an expensive, collectible.

How difficult will they be to date for valuation purposes? So it’s understandable that candlestick collectors want to gather as much related information as possible to enhance resale value.

Then, following the turn of the century (the year 1800), new techniques were used that allowed the candlestick and its stem to be hollowed out, thus producing a much lighter product.

A major innovation of the early 18th Century was the advent of the pressing machine, which, in effect, allowed mass production of glass stems and bases.

As an inherent bonus they will never wilt, dry out or crumble!

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