Dating hockey player rule

I raise my hand to knock on the door but it feels like something is holding back from doing it. It would be expected because I know that I wasn't a good friend and I abandoned her for my position as head cheerleader and my popularity.Elsa has been nothing but a good friend to me ever since we were little and I turned my back on her. I was turning to leave when the door opens to reveal Elsa with a her long blonde hair being rubbed down by a towel.

I'm going to work hard to truly earn it as well as her trust back because I know that she's worth it."Thank you, Elsa.

I missed you" I said smiling."I missed you too" Elsa said pulling me into a hug."I'm going to try something but I need you to trust me" I said pulling away.

I'm sitting on my bed, reading my third book on hockey to learn all of the rules and regulations and there's a lot of them by the way.

I didn't notice someone knocking on my door or walking through until I feel the bed dip causing me to look up to see Tiana sitting on my bed. Y-Yeah that's it" I said smiling nervously."For what class, Anna?

I wasn't there like I should've been and I know that I don't deserve the hockey player's forgiveness but it's worth a shot.

I set my book down on my nightstand before slipping my shoes on and heading out to the door.She picks up one of the books that I checked from the library and frowns slightly before looking at me with an raised eyebrow."Anna, why do you have so many books on hockey? We have most of our classes together and I don't know about any research paper so you want to try this again" Tiana deadpanned."I'm reading all of these books because I want to make sure that Elsa doesn't get hurt" I said sighing."You know that she's going to get hurt regardless of how much you read up on the sport.Hockey can get pretty nasty at times and I am sure that Elsa knows that already" Tiana said smiling sympathetically."But maybe if I knew the rule better than maybe I can protect her somehow""Anna, Elsa is a big girl and I don't think that you can protect from the guys on the opposing team hitting her.I sit on the bed and reach to gently touch the bruise causing the hockey player to hiss in pain before recoiling my hand."I'm sorry, Elsa.I didn't mean to hurt you" I said guilty."You didn't hurt me. I wanted to say something but the words won't come out.I know that the guys joined the team as well because they want to protect her but I'm not sure if that's enough" I said shaking my head."Maybe you should talk to her and tell her how you're feeling.

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