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Michael, looking virtually the same as he did thirty years ago, continues in his daily tasks, without fanfare. Reverend Friedman is also a masterful Baal Tefillah, expert Baal Koreh, and handles all his appointed tasks with style and dignity.

He has truly made a profession out of his duties, which came to include the sale of lulavim and esrogim, preparation of tasty and zesty kiddushim and, of course, the legendary herring and onions.

To see a second-generation American Jew in the synagogue even for the purpose of saying Kaddish was a rare phenomenon. Young Israel was the prime mover in reshaping our neighborhood into what it is today There were other synagogues in the area, and they undoubtedly contributed to its religious development. Indeed, quite a number of Young Israel members also were members of the Talmud Torah of Flatbush and the East Midwood Jewish Center, the latter a conservative synagogue.

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Rabbi Sharfman wrote that he learned these things, as well as the memories of the efforts of a relative handful of young people, among whom the Weissman family was outstanding, in putting up a building much larger than required, equipping it with athletic facilities and club rooms, and supporting it in such a manner that it influenced the entire area of Flatbush.

Ben Levine, Marcus Rotenberg, Adolph Flam, Fred Frankel, Jacob Kestenbaum, Nathan Weissman and David Kamerman had served in the Presidency in the early years of Young Israel.

It was during the Goldschmidt administration that Reverend Michael Friedman joined us after serving as Sexton in the Chovevai Torah Congregation in Crown Heights.

Rochel and Reverend Friedman, Holocaust survivors, endeared themselves to Young Israel from the moment they arrived in 1966.

Tall and gaunt, he cared little about outer trappings.

He wrote, typed and spoke well, serving at the same and different times as Executive Director, Youth Director and Religious Director. Sorscher lovingly held on to his position until his untimely passing in January 1963. Reverend Sorscher was especially gifted in his approach to youth and kiroov (which was an unknown word in those days), was a superb Baal Tefillah and Baal Koreh, and tended to the needs of the congregation with dignity, kindness, and dedication.For his magnificent years of service, Young Israel tendered its 69th Anniversary Banquet in honor of Rochel and Reverend Michael Friedman.May they continue to have good health and strength, and many more years in which we can derive benefit from them.Those who leaned toward Orthodoxy organized the Ahavath Achim Achei Joseph, which became the Talmud Torah of Flatbush.It was here that Young Israel of Flatbush was organized by a small group on December 6, 1921.They knew that a mere holding action for Jewish survival was doomed to failure.

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