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It hasn’t been super consistent in November/December due to the holidays and vacation, but we’ve been on 10 dates.when we’re together we have a blast and get along really well.I got stung by a woman who after 5 months of breaking up with her fiancee was STILL rebounding. Try not to be too emotional at an early stage of dating.

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Honestly, it's kind of her- to even mention that she doesn't want to go on with developing things into a romantic situation especially when she knows that you have feelings for her.

She could have easily gotten the affection and benefits of a relationship with you but she hadn't done that- I know I would have definitely appreciated that more than the person who had just kept me around because they wanted to feel loved and wasn't willing to reciprocate any suggestion of dating me. Or are you only sticking around because you feel like something might change if you had done something differently?

I think she's smart, cute and real easy to talk to and she reciprocates the same about me.

We go on a "date"; I don't initiate much physicality because I wasn't 100% sure if it was a date so I didn't wanna be too forward.

Look, I am swimming in financial debt right now due to health issues, and I would never, ever, ask a woman – even a girlfriend of 12 months – to help me with my credit card bills. I would also advise you to avoid all sexual contact if you want to committed relationship until there is not only commitment, but a high level of communication, emotional intimacy and trust. You’ve just done the most intimate thing you can do with a person, and you don’t even know the dude.

I believe in that concept so much that I would even offer a pre nup agreement that she is not responsible for my debts. One of the major problems with having “physical intimacy” too early on in the relationship is that it confuses the relationship.

There were cues that she wanted to kiss me and I stopped myself for respect purposes idk..go on another date and this time it gets real physical.

Fast forward to our third date, we talk about life and everything is dandy and on the way driving her home she's clutched to my arm as I'm driving thinking this is gonna work out.

She was a great gal, but not relationship material at that time. But also think aboutif that’s the kind of guy uppity want.

Fortunately I didn’t do anything more than kissing her and got out of that thing. Most women want to be in a relationship with a guy that can if not provide, at least handle his own responsibilities I’m so sorry you went through that, he was clearly using you.

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