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People liked listening to sports and news, as well as jazz and swing music. During the 1930s, football was almost as popular with Nebraskans as it is today. Bible had been hired as the University of Nebraska football coach a few months before the October, 1929, Stock Market crash.

High school teams were sources of pride for entire communities and the University of Nebraska team was becoming a national force. Under coach Bible, the team won the Big-6 conference championship six years in a row.

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Victorian courting couple 1860s – Up until the 1910s, courtship was a very complex ritual, that concerned not only the lives of the two people involved in the marriage, but also a host of family considerations, with regards to economic, political and social aspects.

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"Football in Nebraska is more than a diversion for college students.

A State university game is an event talked about and eagerly followed by rural and urban fans. In his first season, Biff's team was ranked 9th in the new Associated Press football poll (1936), and they continued to do well.

Alvin Apetz says they never felt poor because "you made your own entertainment." Entertainment was one way to leave behind worries about crops, weather and money.

The radio connected country people and gave them an ear to the world.

Even worst, if you search books set in the 1920s, you’ll find a whole host of stories telling the erotic exploits of young flappers. I’m not saying courtship and sexual life didn’t change hugely in the 1920s, especially for women. But the ways and the magnitude is often misunderstood by the casual reader.

When we speak of sexual liberation, we should always remember that what they meant back then isn’t necessarily what we mean today.

Many Nebraska players were tough young men who had grown up on dirt-poor farms and small towns.

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