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Damian understands their mission is a lonely endeavor, a curse all vigilantes face, and that love lives aren't a luxury they can afford as they'll endanger their significant other.

This leads to him offering up some really odd advice.

Damian takes it a step further by referencing his dad's poor choices in the past, including but not limited to his own mother, Talia.

He admits he's grateful for their drunken tryst, but Damian fives his father some odd, very surprising advice when he says," I must insist you use protection.

After the matter, both engage in a somewhat romantic conversation.

Beast Boy asks Raven if he could change his name, but Raven says that they’re having a moment and asks Beast Boy not to ruin it.After his flirtation with Talia, she had Damian, who Ra's then trained to be the Demon's Head in the DCAU.Deathstroke would attack the family to claim the League of Assassins for his own, leading to a war that saw Talia trying to rebuild the society, leaving Damian with his father in what would end up being a permanent spot as Robin.And another thing, cover your As humorous as this scene may be, it's also true to Damian's character, since he doesn't want anyone or anything distracting a member of the Bat-Family, especially his father.While it might seem overprotective, Bruce's choices have had legitimately bad consequences in the past.4Music, Flawless, Vape With Us, Boro Judge, The Live, I run away when I press a toy at a store and it wont stop making noises., Facebook, I was born between 1980-1989 the Last Generation With Common Sense, Chocolate, Xbox UK, Skype, Maltesers UK, Jake T.

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