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Additionally, millions of Muslims currently live in France, Germany and United Kingdom respectively.In these three countries, there are also many halal shops and over 2,000 Islamic mosques.Even in Muslim-minority countries, the population of Muslims is seeing an growing trend and has come to carry a strong significance of Islamic presence and activities in these countries.

As such, the increasing population growth of Muslims in future is likely to have a strong impact on the global community and economy, especially in Asia, which is the home to 70% of Muslims in the world.

Muslim-minority countries With Muslims living in more than 200 countries in the world, they possess an extremely strong global presence.

In countries like England, half the population of the Muslim community is born and raised in these countries.

Even in Japan, about half of the permanent Muslim residences have settled down and established a family, suggesting that Japan will see an increase in the number of second and third generation Muslims in the future.

Since the beginning of 1990s, there has been an increasing number of mosques being built across the Japanese archipelago, from Okinawa prefecture all the way to Hokkaido prefecture.

Even though there are currently over 90 mosques throughout Japan, most Japanese are unaware of it.

Nevertheless, as there is an increasing number of movements and initiatives that aimed to promote understanding of Islam and Muslims in recent years, more and more mosques are accepting mosque tours and organizing events for Japanese to participate.

Diversity in Muslim community The Muslims living in Japan come from diverse backgrounds – nationality, ethnicity, culture, lifestyle, clothing, etc.

There have been some studies to date focusing on the development of Muslim communities in Japan, but there has only been limited discussion of perceptions of Islam and Muslims in Japan.

In this article, I explore perceptions of Islam and Muslims by analysing incidences of official surveillance of Muslims in Japan, displays of anti-Islamic sentiment by ultra-conservative activists, and newspaper articles about Muslims in Japan.

Islam, the world’s fastest growing religion In 2016, more than 20 million tourists visited Japan and among them, Muslim tourists have become more common nowadays.

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