Dating kissme es

(You can read PART 2 and PART 3 of signs that a guy likes you by clicking on the links.) So, how to understand whether he is into you or not?

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9) If talking about future plans he mentions you – it’s one of signs that a guy likes you.

Even if he talks about something simple, like an event in one month and he asks you if you will also attend, then it’s also a hint!

Of course, there are some exceptions to it, but mostly, when you can notice his tendency to be near, then there is hope that his heart carries the flame!

2) Another easy sign that can help you distinguish the birth of love in his heart is simply when you meet him again.

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Moreover, if watching a movie was your initiative and you can make him sit through ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Titanic’, then, be sure, he is into you!

5) He shows you a big sign of ‘liking’ you if he touches you.

For example, he repeats your hand position, while in the restaurant or he bows his head into the same direction as you do, while the two of you talk.

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