Dating military men australia

Those who served in the South African War (Boer War) from 1899-1901 served in various colonial contingents.

Only those who enlisted after 26 January 1901 into one of the contingents of the Australian Commonwealth Horse actually served in the Australian Army.

Until 1870, British Infantry Regiments garrisoned the Australian colonies.

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In order to meet the intense public response to support the "Mother Country", a special volunteer force had to be raised for unrestricted service. The AIF was initially raised on a Regimental basis. Within each Battalion the numbers stated at 1 and worked up in the order that recruits were enlisted.

The personal files of the First AIF are now on line at National Archives of Australia. In 1939 the Australian Army was still based on a conscript Militia force that could not be required to serve outside Australia.

There was the Permanent Military Force (PMF), those Regulars who had not been transferred to the AIF.

There was the Second AIF, volunteers for service world wide.

In the AIF an X to indicate AIF was added to the number, thus QX1234 etc.

AIF units that had corresponding units in the Militia were given a 2/ prefix, eg 2/31st Bn to avoid confusion with 31st Bn in the Militia.

Numbers of British officers and soldiers joined the various colonial units as they were raised, especially in time of perceived defence emergency.

The colonial or Australian Army records may refer to prior British service, but details will have to be sought from British records.

When the Pacific War broke out the Australian Government was faced with a direct threat to her Northern Shores.

Accordingly, the ALP, then in power, modified its opposition to conscripts serving overseas and permitted service in a defined area that included Papua New Guinea, some of the islands north and north west of Papua New Guinea and a small part of the Netherlands East Indies around Merauke.

There was the Citizen Military Forces (CMF), partly conscripted and liable for service only in Australia and the defined area in the South West Pacific.

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