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Though Claire took herself out of the running, she is still getting gifts, much to her frustration.

Asha is finally starting to feel more like herself when everything changes, she resonates to Hemalo again.

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She is concerned to discover that the metlaks have been living in the cave and have left a baby behind.

Asha begins to take care of the child, naming it Shasak.

They two stay for a while to insure the Metlak family has food and to lead them to a more fertile valley. The time away and travel gives them further time to reconnect.

Back at the village Claire is chargined to discover Bek, her ex-pleasure mate is giving her gifts. Eventually though she comes to see them as offers of friendship they are. Once back at the village Asha and Hemalo fulfill their resonance.

Today, we must remember the thousands of lives that were lost or changed forever by this atrocity.

To honor those affected, we must fight for a world without nuclear weapons.

Though she is terrified of loosing another child and being rejected by her mate, she eventually decides she is glad for the chance at a new beginning.

However when she goes to discuss their future with Hemalo he is gone.

When the another brutal season rolls around Claire put herself in charge of planning the No-Poison Day celebrations.

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