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Moh never anticipated so much buzz about whether he’d play Lee again.

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Before the kung fu movie craze blew up in the ’60s, it was a purely Hong Kong phenomenon.

It was wild.”The Big Boss The 35-year-old won the role in the Tarantino film—which, among other things, aspires to acquaint a new generation with Bruce Lee’s impact on film and martial arts.

It was the first kung fu film to be produced expressly for an American audience and made it trendy to use real martial-arts practitioners as actors.

“They were all used to the John Wayne punch that misses by three feet,” Polly says. “I’m just trying to do him justice.”" data-reactid="56"In the process, Lee became a household name and a wiry fitness legend whose likeness became as prevalent inside gyms as it was in the martial-arts studios popping up across the country.

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“And if that happens to fall in line with something that’s Bruce-related, it would be my honor to do it again.” In the meantime, he’ll settle for defying audiences’ expectations.

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“You have this automatic picture of Bruce just ripped with his shirt off and his big aviators on.” That was all the motivation he needed to begin doing pushups in the basement of his home and perfecting his Lee impression in the mirror. Like Lee, he’s married with kids and prides himself on being a family man.

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