Dating more successful women

Most women won’t flat out say “Oh, I’m really not into [insert bad date idea here], but how about [better date idea]?

” She would more likely go with the flow, and while you might think this is great, you could have screwed up your chances right off the bat.

Since you should be trying to make a standout first impression, always keep her in mind when planning your date.

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Some guys seem to be under the misguided impression that asking a girl out for coffee is casual, lessens his chance of looking desperate, and is a sort of “low risk opportunity.” This is theorized in a man’s brain as low investment, since coffee is cheaper than steak and wine for instance, and thus, if it turns out that she doesn’t like you at the end of the date, you didn’t really lose very much.

This theory may seem logical to you, but asking a girl out for a coffee is already a surefire way to predict a bad ending, since she will probably label you as a flake or a cheapskate.

The majority of women will get all dressed up for a date, and here she will feel like it was all a waste as she’s watching a bunch of sweaty, blood stained machismos running around.

As much as you may despise it, opt for a chick flick or a comedy or something that both of you will find interesting.

She will feel like a tag along, which isn’t exactly what you should be going for. I think it’s pretty standard that guys want a girl with whom they can try fun stuff with, especially guy stuff.

Apparently, guys are turned on by watching a girl do guy stuff, so much so, that they get carried away and make a date out of it.This is okay after the first date, and only if she expresses interest when you casually bring it up in conversation.You might see a shooting range as a mutual adrenaline rush, where you can show off your bravado, but it is yet another place that just isn’t date worthy.While a girl will usually feel special and exclusive when she gets to meet the “boys,” that only applies once you’ve been dating her for a while.Tell her how important your friends are to you early on, but don’t treat her like one of the guys by turning your date into a boys’ night plus one.She will also assume that you are “not that into her,” and lose interest.

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