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It only happens once in a blue moon and when it does, boy does it get your attention…

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Dating needy man dating and and online

If a woman is attractive, pretty every guy would bang her. She wants a guy who could easily have other women, but will choose her if she impresses him enough.

Meeting a guy like that is as rare as us men meeting a woman who is a 10/10.

Many of those guys would also be willing to have a relationship with her, just because she looks good.

As a woman grows up and realizes that she has this pussy power over men, she begins to feel less and less excited about guys who are so easily impressed by her.

And on the off chance he DOES let you out for a night on the town, he’ll keep asking for details of the event every five seconds- how annoying! Consistent calls and texts throughout the day: All right- there is definitely a limit to which we all can extend our affection.

If he keeps texting you every hour of the day and making your phone buzz throughout the night– it is definitely an alarming sign.

Now he expects you to pamper him, to say sweet nothings to him, and lull him back to normalcy.

This is a sure sign of a man whose life depends on you.

Yet, what the woman was turned off by was his neediness; not his appearance.

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