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Trend/Derek/Sam, Nico/Percy, Sander/Donny slash mpreg While on their way home from the park, Nico and Percy's son accidently shadow travels and it's not into his parent's arms. He travels back ten years and ends up at Camp Half-Blood. Student Teacher AU, Eren is failing English, and Levi brings him in for tutoring. Warning: M/M, M for a reason (they totally do the do)Eren is 17, so yes, he is technically underage. Naruto and Gaara get into a fight and end their relationship. One way is to sell their blood to vampires, become a vampire's pet. Percy slash Nicercy - Sequel "The Vampire Lord's Family" is up! He is immortal, ageless and has watched over all the dwarfs as though they were his children.

Frantic as any mother would be, Percy demands that Nico go find their son. Will Gaara be able to fix it, or are they over for good? Nico signs such a contract and becomes the pet of the vampire lord of New York - Percy. The dwarfs grateful for his care and technology seek to find a mate for him, the problem is the other immortals.

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I'll try my best to update every Thursday - Saturday weekly. I won't leave you hanging, but I can't promise that there won't be cliff hangers at the end of chapters. Team Taka is also at the same inn and Sasuke and Naruto meet up in the surrounding forest. Merlin finally snaps and tells off Arthur's friends and it all comes out. Percy is drowning, as ironic as that sounds, constantly being pulled under by the gruesome memories. Part of the "Lover of Olympus"-series, sequel to "The Mark of Perseus"!

I love to read, listen to music, write, draw, watch scary movies, play my clarinet and hang with friends. Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)Harry/Draco/Blaise (Harry Potter)Harry/Tom (before he went evil) (Harry Potter)Harry/Voldemort (Harry Potter)Harry/Fred/George (Harry Potter)Harry/Bill (Harry Potter)Harry/Charlie (Harry Potter)Harry/Viktor Krum (Harry Potter)0Percy/Nico (Percy Jackson)Percy/Nico/Jason (Percy Jackson)Percy/Octavian (Percy Jackson)0Edd/Kevin (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy)0Merlin/Arthur (Merlin)Percival/Gwaine (Merlin)Morgana/Leon (Merlin)Gwen/Lancelot (Merlin)0Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto)0Tsukune/Ginei (Rosario Vampire)0Ryoma/Tezuka (Prince of Tennis)Ryoma/Fuji (Prince of Tennis)Ryoma/Inui (Prince of Tennis)0Rin/Amaimon (Blue Exorcist)0Eren/Levi (Attack on Titan)Eren/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Eren/Levi/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Eren/Mike (Attack on Titan)Eren/Jean (Attack on Titan)Armin/Eren (Attack on Titan)Armin/Jean (Attack on Titan)Armin/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Armin/Annie (Attack on Titan)Marco/Jean (Attack on Titan)Jean/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Mikasa/Annie (Attack on Titan)Annie/Mikasa (Attack on Titan)Bertolt/Reiner (Attack on Titan)Historia/Ymir (Attack on Titan)Sasha/Connie (Attack on Titan)Erwin/Mike (Attack on Titan)Mike/Erwin (Attack on Titan)Nanaba/Mike (Attack on Titan)Hange/Moblit (Attack on Titan)Petra/Oluo (Attack on Titan)Gunther/Eld (Attack on Titan)Eld/Gunther (Attack on Titan)Harry/Edward (Harry Potter/Twilight)Harry/Demetri/Felix (Harry Potter/Twilight)Harry/Alec (Harry Potter/Twilight)0Harry/Legolas (Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings)Harry/Glorfindel (Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings)0Harry/Godric (Harry Potter/True Blood)Harry/Eric (Harry Potter/True Blood)Team Kakashi stop at an inn for the night after a mission. Nico/Percy (Full Summary Inside)Merlin and Arthur have been together for a few months and are happy. None of their friends believe that the other is with them for anything less than nefarious reasons. Nico/Percy slash mpreg Nicercy Tartarus broke the son of Poseidon, leaving a fragile, sleepless shell behind.

After all, a man has "needs," and he's desperate to deal with his teenage body, even if that means a certain corporal watches. This story contains the build-up to the wedding, the wedding itself, the honeymoon, Percy's first pregnancy, how they have their first child, how this union of underworld and sea angers Zeus, how they have their second child. Nico/Percy slash mpreg Nicercy Percy's mother dies and he doesn't want to stay with his abusive stepfather Gabe, so he tracks down his biological father Poseidon.

Levi likes to watch, and Eren likes to see Levi's reactions. Who is living with his boyfriend Hades di Angelo, his own sons and Hades' four children.

While trying to save his kingdom he stumbles across a hunter who is willing to help him, but why does this man know so much about him, and why does the handsome stranger seem so familiar? Essentially, people find out that Sasuke is engaged and this story is his day the engagement is announced. But when an inevitable disaster strikes, it's up to Eren and Levi to go against all odds to save their son.

rating might change Yaoi Pharaoh Poseidon's son, Percy, is of the perfect age to get married off. (Warnings inside)The Uchiha werewolf is a rare speices, and for them to mate with anyone outside of their world is barely heard of.

Five years later, Reiner's control over Eren is complete, until one night they meet a detective who will shatter Eren's happy façade. So very tired of the chains that were once again attached to his wrists. Nico/Jason/Percy slashy threesome with a LOT of naughtiness for all my readers who were nice this year ;)Halloween fic! Heavy reactions will ensue when Eren goes into Levi's quarters to hide- without permission! Levi is a regular patron who only buys coffee if Eren's there ("kid makes good coffee") and reads seemingly incomprehensible texts like War and Peace. Percy was supposed to be in New York, studying to become a teacher. Nico/Percy slash Nicercy Naruto was never part of the popular group, so it really did surprise him when the school heart-throb, Sasuke Uchiha asked him for a favour, and not just any favour.

But it was his own fault for getting into this situation where he can only wait and hope for mercy. Naruto is sick and tired of being prosecuted by his peers for being gay. The best part, or worst part, is that he had to report to Hange Zoe before Levi could get his hands on Eren. But Percy has to take an internship as a student teacher. It was a favour that involved him being the pretend boyfriend of Sasuke's which included holding hands, eating lunch together and all tat other couple stuff... AU Sasu Narubased off a song but ended a different way.

He learned respect for all humans from his mentor, King Matthew. Now, sixteen years later, Hale Cullen starts to feel left out.

When Matthew dies, Nico wants to help Matthew's son Derek to become as great a king as his father had been. Potential triggers regarding homophobic slurs and violence. In a story about discovering oneself, Hale will go through different trials and errors to find where he truly belongs After hiding in the shadows for so long, vampires have taken over the world and humans have a hard time getting by. But then the Stolls get curious about their brother's lover and decide to switch - thinking their lovers can't tell them apart. Stolls/Nico/Percy, slashy foursome Harry's been living among dwarfs for centuries.

AU: Percy likes comic books and when one shows him how to summon a demon he tries it. He saves Percy from the abuse, but he can't raise Percy, knowing Amphitrite or Zeus would kill him. Hades hides Percy and Percy will one day become the consort to one of Hades' children.

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