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I have a friend who is a mountain guide, she always talks of the fact that mountain ranges are scaled one step at a time. Trust yourself– which you’ll have been doing for much of your life. Remember back to a time when everything was going well and you were in flow with life. Commit to do things differently– wishful thinking won’t get you anywhere.If you keep on doing the same stuff you’ll get the same results.

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A bit like packing for holidays we have no idea how much to take - so more is the way forward! We've actually had a few days off of lovely sunny, family fun, but John was in the office til late last night getting started on the personalised boxes. ) we were lucky enough to win #SBS - Theo Pathitis' Small Business Sunday competition on Twitter. In less than 3 weeks it's Autumn Fair, our first trade show and huge opportunity for us as part of @theopaphitis #SBS pavilion - there's been a lot of work to get ready!

And I've not even got to packing my stuff yet... As you know we're off to Autumn Fair on Saturday. 🎁 In February we attended the winners event, met Theo and had our picture taken with him. #manchesterpride #pride #onelove #onelovemanchester #lbgtpride #lbgtq #prideweekend #bankholidayweekend #datenight #dateday #celebratelove #dateenvelopes #rainbowenvelopes #keepdating #datemore #livelaughlovelife Anyone else trying not too get too excited a sunny bank holiday weekend and the thought is sunsets... #newparents #newparentsdating #maketimemakememories #newbaby #newbabygift #newmummy #newdaddy #datingwithbaby #datingwithkids #babyshowergiftideas #giftsfornewdads #giftsfornewparents #ayearofdates #watchthesunset #sunset #sunnyweekend Me and this one are sneaking off for a date this afternoon! Yesterday our planning meeting happened in the car as we drove to @notonthehighstreet for a catch up - it didn't look this serene trust me!

I still do it though because I’ve learned to use the fear to my advantage!

Look at why you want to move out of your comfort zone– what are the benefits? Get comfortable with being uncomfortable on a regular basis, it’ll build resilience and courage.

It’s so true that the very exciting bits of life happen outside of our comfort zone.

So here are some of my suggestions for easing yourself out into a new world filled with possibilities.Do you long for a relationship yet are paralysed with fear? Many come to me because they long to be in a relationship but are terrified of meeting someone new, they tell me the fear is holding them back.They’re scared of moving out of the security of their comfort zone.Wishing things were different isn’t going to make anything happen.You’ve got to be proactive and make the changes you want in your life.They know it’s comfortable but it’s oh so predictable and boring.

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