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Phonograph cylinders are the earliest commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound.Commonly known simply as "records" in their era of greatest popularity (c.

Like cylindrical containers for hats, they were simply called "boxes", the word still used by experienced collectors.

Within them, the earliest soft wax cylinders came swathed in a separate length of thick cotton batting.

Later cylinders were reproduced either mechanically or by linking phonographs together with rubber tubes.

Cylinders were sold in cardboard tubes with cardboard caps on each end, the upper one a removable lid.

Later molded hard-wax cylinders were sold in boxes with a cotton lining. These protective boxes were normally kept and used to house the cylinders after purchase.

Their general appearance allowed bandleader John Philip Sousa to deride their contents as "canned music", an epithet he borrowed from Mark Twain, but that did not stop Sousa's band from profiting by recording on cylinders.Alternatively, a circular area within the coupon could be cut out and pasted onto the end of a spindle for that cylinder in one of the specially built cases and cabinets made for storing cylinder records.Only a minority of cylinder record customers purchased such storage units, however.1896–1915), these hollow cylindrical objects have an audio recording engraved on the outside surface, which can be reproduced when they are played on a mechanical cylinder phonograph.On July 18, 1877, Thomas Edison and his team invented the phonograph.The recording itself usually began with a spoken announcement of the title and performer and also the name of the record company.

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