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Even cats without a significant disease will eventually experience lowered immunity with aging.

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Blizzard is often referred to as my “grandkitty” (since I have no grandchildren yet), and I jokingly tell Wade that whenever my friends pull out their brag books showing me cute photos of their grandchildren, I, in return, feel compelled to pull out my brag book and show off pictures of my precious grandkitty.

Last month, while visiting Wade and meeting Blizzard for the first time, I found my expectations squashed. Blizzard (a female) did not display quite the temperament I had hoped my first grand would have!

Cats dying of infections could exhibit a foul odor, open sores, profuse nasal and ocular discharge, labored breathing, or lethargy.

The severity of your cat's symptoms will increase during the last stages of your pet's life.

Hoping things would mellow out over time, my son would tell me to walk by the cat as nonchalantly as possible — that’s kinda hard to do when you are shaking inside and out.

Each time I attempted to go to another room, or go upstairs, there was the cat, eyes dilated, .

When your cat is aging, you may find: Unsurprisingly, many of these conditions ultimately become the condition which results in the death of senior cats.

Make sure to communicate with your veterinarian about your senior cat's behavior, symptoms, and response to any treatments.

Cats that are dying of heart disease may show labored breathing, rapid breathing, panting, restlessness and vocalization, or paralysis in the hind legs.

Feline chronic renal failure (CRF) is another common disease in aging cats.

This overabundance of company all at once is enough to make any person excited and anxious (much less a cat), so we were all informed that Blizzard was a little “edgy” with all the intruders in her home.

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