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This can lead to stimulating, passionate and interactive discussions that help light a fire in other areas of a relationship.

We know that the most successful relationships exist between two people who share the same values regarding specific issues like intimacy, finances, and child rearing.

However, it is perhaps telling that people don’t take that much interest in politics unless there is an upcoming election.

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Outside of a minority of people who are deeply rooted in the political process, most people spend a relatively small amount of time either cheering for the person they selected or against the person they didn’t. Dating someone with different political beliefs work, and for some, it can even work out quite well.

Fair warning: Couples who are staunch in opposite political thought often have quite a bit to duke it out over.

At the same time, if you agreed with everything your partner said or did on a daily basis you would essentially be dating yourself!

It is good to differ in some ways, but to have the same core values.

Some couples do not talk about religion, thinking it wouldn’t be an issue or they just do not feel like “getting into it.” Well, sometimes it’s best to “get into it” before you get in over your head and it’s too late.

In the past, I have dated people that are Jewish like me and some that do not have the same religion.“Don’t talk about religion, politics or money” so goes the old saying.It’s unclear if that advice is meant for casual acquaintances, people who are in the early stages of dating or well, anyone, EVER.Or if one party can’t accept the other’s religion, especially when it comes to raising children. But, in the Jewish religion, the children carry the religion of their mother.It was very important to my mom to make sure my brother and I were brought up Jewish and had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, (a Jewish celebration into adulthood).It might be your natural instinct to run in the other direction if your date or significant other voices his or her intent to vote for a candidate that is opposite of your own political favorite, but some experts say it might be better to hold off on that impulse and instead explore how a difference of opinion could lead to a stronger shared relationship.

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