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“If two people were dating there a few years ago, it would have been verboten,” he added.Sexual activity for the aging is not without problems, including increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

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Millions need guidance." Suzette Martinez Standring "Best Senior Site ever on the Web!

Great, up-to-date information on how seniors can save money on drugs. Hard-hitting senior advocacy pieces that get read in high places.

“I wanted to redefine the meaning of the word seniors,” said Duhr, 66.

Although Duhr admits the center does not yet have a hot dating scene, he knows this could change, as the calendar — which raised $20,000 for a new building — continues to open minds in his conservative town, while lifting a few eyebrows.

When they began a sexuality clinic, using a vacuum pump or injections, men came in by the droves with walkers and wheelchairs,” Agronin recalled.

“There still was this vital need and desire to remain sexually active.”Even with the help of modern medicine, some older men cannot engage in intercourse but this doesn’t stop them from playing the field.

Geriatric sex therapist William Kelly says hanky-panky in nursing homes is more likely to involve other forms of stimulation.“People are recognizing that their sexuality is lifelong,” Kelly said.

He describes a trend in nursing care toward allowing dating and cohabiting between unmarried couples.

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