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The second document was sent to the post office box of

A letter purportedly written by Bishop Nikolai Soraich to Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen dated June 1, 2009; and 3.

A letter from Paffhausen to Cappy Larson, dated July 15, 2009.

On Sunday 8 July an Information Session was held in the Church Hall to discuss a possible land deal with the Russian Relief Association (RRA) of St Sergius of Radonezh.

All the relevant documents are available as: Agenda that was released in the days before the meeting Minutes of the Information Session Annex A Proposed development for the RRA as displayed by Nick Ostin Annex B Petition signed by the ILU residents as tabled by Alex Jones Annex C Option D presentation from Nicholas Rotenko The next step is that the Board of Directors of the RRA will discuss these Minutes and Annexes at the next board meeting.

The complaint also alleged that the 2 boys had come forward at the time and received a letter of apology from Storheim and that Syosset should have a record of this.

Larson also mentioned that she had heard that Storheim had been sent to the Manton monastery for “evaluation.” When Garklavs responded he said that the synod was aware of the allegations, but that they had no correspondence from the time in question.

However, shortly before the election Storheim withdrew his name from consideration. As reported by Mark Stokoe, on January 30, 2009, Storheim also resigned from his position as secretary of the OCA. Later that spring, an auxilliary bishop was selected for the Archdiocese of Canada.

On October 1, 2010, the Canadian archdiocese announced that Storheim had been given a 3 month leave of absence by the OCA’s synod of bishops.

The OCA further announced that its “Office for Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations” would “work in conjunction with the Canadian police.” SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, then put out a press release on October 5, 2010, revealing that the police were investigating historical charges of child sexual abuse. Email correspondence between Cappy Larson and Archpriest Alexander Garklavs dated from April 11, 2009 to May 10, 2009.

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