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There are many factors that affect mushroom growth, and it is anybody’s guess as to when and where they will grow. If you are successful at foraging for morels, you’ll want to take proper care of them.

Check inside and out for insects, brush off the surface debris.

Just after the last feathers have fallen after duck season and just before folks hit the hollers to get their gobblers on, is that other hunting season that brings droves of families to the cool dark woods of Spring for morels.

There aren’t many kinds of foods that people would drive more than a hundred miles, then search for all day to find. Morel mushroom hunting season can start anytime from early to mid-March and run into late June.

Here you’ll find hours of scrolling through posts of successful morel excursions, plenty of pictures, great storage tips, recipes, and plenty of sharing of dates marking the first sightings of the springtime treasures. Did I mention that morel hunters are very protective of their spots?

Finding your own places to look for morels is not difficult. Besides, nothing beats a walk in the forest on a nice spring day.

Morel hunters are more protective of their spots than most fishermen I know.

The morel season in Minnesota usually begins in April in Southern Minnesota and ends sometime in June in northern Minnesota, depending on the growing conditions.

There are many ways to prepare morels as a main dish or used in place of store-bought mushrooms.

The simplest of which is sautéed in their own juice over high heat with a pat of butter added towards the end of cooking.

Some pickers claim a southern exposure that warms first in spring make great spots to find morels.

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